Mobility Scooters Delivered within 45 Minutes to most Locations


           Williamsburg Scooter Rentals is the premier scooter rental company serving all of the Colonial Historic Triangle area.  Our mobility scooters are for rent and use in Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown.  Our 3 wheel models also conveniently fit on the buses transporting patrons from the Colonial Williamsburg Visitors Center to all of the above locations.

Our Pride Mobility scooters can easily be broken down in about 1 minute, and will fit into your SUV or minivan if you will be here for several days and prefer the freedom of transporting it yourself.  We have only run into a couple of sedan trunks that our units cannot be loaded into.  Please call us for details.

        Whether on business or vacation, we have an intimate knowledge of your mobility needs, especially for touring around crowded streets in the oppresive summer heat.  Williamsburg is a wonderful venue for a fun filled family vacation.  However most of the activities here require you to spend alot of time on your feet.  We hope you will let Williamsburg Scooter Rentals help you make the most of your trip to the Historic Triangle should you have any mobility needs.

        We will deliver your scooter to your hotel, time share, or mobile location, (the Visitors Center, Merchants Square), usually within 45 minutes of your request. Note: We no longer deliver to Jamestown or Yorktown as the Park Service handles those locations.

        Please call us for rates and availability, or to discuss any special needs that you may have.